Welcome to Gigi Chic!

My name is Gretchen – AKA Gigi (pronounced “Ghee-Ghee”) – founder of Gigi Chic, Est. 2016. Like most women, I have a passion for beauty. As beauty takes many forms, this and my love of creation have led me down an adventurous path…

In 2003, I developed Gigi by GHL, my personal brand of cosmetics, designed to reflect women’s natural beauty. While I do love the frills of being a woman, those aren’t the only things that inspire me. I am also crazy passionate about organization… establishing order from chaos, conquering the sort of design challenges that leave clients with a sense of beauty from ashes.

A lover of business, my efforts as a professional organizer and designer were focused on small businesses. However, it’s not just offices, files, and work spaces that require organization. Businesses in disarray often need help establishing a cohesive corporate image and branding strategy as part of the organization process.

Enter a third passion of mine… stationery! And by stationery, I’m not talking humdrum, run-of-the-mill company letterhead. I’m talking stationery with pizazz!!! I love to design beautifully branded letterhead with coordinating accessories (envelopes, business cards, calling cards, notepads, note cards, pens, pencils, and everything in between… is there anything left to go in between?). Whether it’s custom stationery for business use or elegant, personalized stationery for the note writing enthusiast like myself, I love it all and can’t get enough!

Professionally, my life has taken a dramatic turn since becoming a Mommy (my home now my workplace), but it has also afforded me the opportunity to cultivate yet another passion of mine (I know; it never ends):  Sewing! I especially love to sew. And by sewing I mean… “sewing,” knitting, crocheting, smocking, embroidering, appliquéing… (you get the idea). From fashion accessories to home decor to clothing for my little ones, I love making something out of nothing (beautiful somethings, that is).

With so many “interests,” I guess you could say my true passion is to create. Whether it’s creating products that enhance a woman’s natural beauty, creating order from chaos, or creating personalized items and fashion accessories, I love the process of creation. And while I no longer apply makeup everyday, I still find myself intrigued to unearth solutions to everyday beauty challenges; I am constantly – and I do mean constantly – organizing and reorganizing; and I am still deeply in love with all things stationery. And so, my life’s passions have culminated to this: Gigi Chic! It’s not only a place of expression; it’s a place for you, dear friend, to find yours. So, here’s to you. Happy chicing!